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3 weeks to go

Finally my Facebook integration is working again :-D. Everything is booked  and payed except the street food ;-). The suite cases are on bed and a box with stuff that go’s with us in the plane is also on the bed. Our Lifesaver is also coming with us (wanna know more click). So we can […]

Opendag bij Siemens Trein Test Center

Hierbij een foto verslag van de dag.  

Thailand 2007

Michel en ik hebben besloten om dit jaar weer naar Thailand te gaan. Het idee in grote lijnen is aankomt Bangkok –> excursie door oerwoud –> met de auto (ong. vanaf Bangkok) naar Golden Triangle rijden. Daarna naar Chiang Mai met de nachttrein weer terug naar  Bangkok om daarna naar Pattya te gaan voor een […]

This is what we get onroute towards Atlanta Monday the 14th of may

The last words. @KLM @Delta

Today its my first day back in The Netherlands. My flight from NOLA to Mem was Great and the boarding was really fast. We where pushed back 5 min or 10 min before the actual departing time. But my flight from Mem to The Netherlands was a really different story. We had a delay of one hour […]

Nederland Tx

Nederland Tx

Almost in the far south east of Texas there is a place called Nederland. Its a small community.

Frans kwatier ;-)

Frans kwatier ;-)

Yesterday as today i got up early. Why I don’t know. I was walking up and down France quater. France quater is a nice neighberhood. Today i head out to Garden district.